Bulk container with hopper bottom

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Product Code: MPC.b105.X

Product name MPC.b105.X
Ground size 1000 x 1200 mm
External dimension 1000 x 1200 x 1310 mm
Interior dimensions 950 x 1150 x 1050 mm
Interior volume (m3) 1,06
Weight in kg’s 105
Weight in/ex incl. Pallet
Walls 10mm polypropylene (PP) panels
Rims 2x20mm mm sendzimir galvanized steel.
Construction Riveted steel rims. Walls are fixed to the steel collar with bolted industriasl hinges.
Return volume 40% of full volume (ex pallet).
Loading capacity  
500kg (max 2 boxes high)
More Information
Model Special features External dimension Net Volume (m3) Special Offer Construction Load Capacity Return Volume Rims Walls Stackable Weight in/ex The ideal solution for efficient packing, storing, transporting and accurately feeding small parts or bulk cargo per m3 directly into a production- or assembly line. Used as feeder and packaging station.

This foldable bulk container with hopper bottom for dosed unloading consists of a steel pallet forming a whole with four foldable solid walls. The four walls are part of a uniform construction with the pallet (1200x1000mm) and when folded disappear inside the steel rim. This MP Bulkbox with hopper is stackable when folded (5-high in a truck), as well as when unfolded. When folded, hight is 51cm and its volume is reduced by 60%. Pleasant with return shipments and convenient in your warehouse as they take little space when empty. This bulk container has a bottom dispenser with a worm wheel for accurare dispensing.

In terms of operating costs this Hopper Bottom Bulk Container is a flexible and economical alternative to silo’s carton boxes, bags FIBC’s IBC’s and big bags. The MP Bulkbox system offers big advantages in terms of durability (>10 years) and flexibility together with cost reduction in your materials handling & packaging materials costs.