Welcome to Zamko

Zamko is a supplier of high quality foldable pallet boxes; new and used. The combination of our experience, our assortment and our competitive prices have already resulted in many succesful projects.


The model of pallet box you choose should be best suited to you logistics process' requirements. We are happy to consult you during your selection process. Also when you are looking for a specific or tailor made solution for a specific process. Our warehouse is located in Maarheeze. You are welcome to visit us there, please by appointment only.


The pallet boxes you buy from us -used and new- we offer you for competitive prices.

Our used pallet boxes are always technically sound and can be deployed immediately.

We also can arrange transport to your location.


The materials used can vary between wood, plastic and steel. Also various combinations of these materials are used.
Furhtermore there are several systems to collapse or to fold pallet boxes.

  • Systems with separate walls (such as the MPbox or Philips crates) consist of four separate walls that are being fixed to the pallet with bench hooks.
  • Foldable pallet boxes consist of a box wall made in one piece which can be folded flat. Sometimes they are individually stackable, sometimes the walls and pallets are piled separately.
  • Collapsible pallet boxes: here the four walls are folded flat onto the pallet, the pallet and walls being permanently attached to each other. Also this system is individually stackable.
  • This large collapsible pallet boxes were friendly delivered at our location. They are an ideal solution for the storage of flax straw which we use as bedding for our goats. These pallet boxes are easy to fill and stack well. We also use these pallet boxes for storage of concentrated feed. It keeps the food clean and dry.
    Dairy goat farming, Asten
    Rinie Raymakers / Owner